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Sailing with the Grandchildren

Sunday July 29, 2001

Mike and Mary Beth came sailing with us. They got directions from Bill and E which they said were good, and got there about 10:15. We were not quite ready for them. This was the first time we'd had the boat out since we got back last April.

There was a good breeze. We managed to scrape the end of the dinghy along the pilings as we left, so it wasn't as smooth as we would have liked. Bob and Mike put up the roller furling staysail for the first time, and then we put up the other sails, turned off the motor and I turned the wheel over to Mary Beth.
Since the wind was from the east, we could only go across the Potomac and back - couldn't go up or down. MB sailed across, and we tacked, and then she handed over to Mike - he sailed back to MD
and then we tacked and he sailed across to VA, and MB asked for the helm back and she sailed back into the marina. We took down the sails (Mike helped with furling the staysail) and started the motor. MB had the helm almost all the way in.
We went about 18 miles altogether and only used the engine about a hour and a half. We got back about 3:30.

We had the radar on, but we didn't use the autopilot at all. MB expressed some discomfort about heeling, although we didn't get any more than 15 deg heel. We had a nice wind of about 10-18 knots and there were almost no waves. After the sails were in you could really feel the difference in the motion of the boat, which I hadn't appreciated as much before.

When we got back, MB helped me stow the cockpit cushions and then we went up to the pool and swam for a bit. Neither of them had towels, and I didn't think to ask them whether or not they did because I assumed that when they brought their suits they would bring towels too. I did have a towel that MB and I shared. We got showers and went for an early dinner at Schiebles and then went home.

MB took some pictures to use up the film in a camera so that she could have it developed to bring over, and I got some pictures too.

We have our new fax-printer and when I'm not using the line for the computer, it is a fax line (that is the second line). The only calls we ever get are telemarketing calls on that line.

I've sent my Olympus back to the repair shop because it hasn't been fixed, so the photos I took are digital.

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